Microsoft's Mistake with Windows Home Server

by Preston Gralla

I've been using the beta of Microsoft's Windows Home Server, and I'm a fan. But Microsoft is making one big mistake with it: It won't sell the software to people like you and me. It'll only go to systems makers. Microsoft is missing a big opportunity here.


Ian Darwin
2007-05-16 13:32:02
Why would you want to do such a thing, unless you merely exist to make Bill Gates richer than he is? Just buy a Thecus or any of its competitors. In this low-cost NAS market you can probably get new hardware (which includes firmware) more cost-effectively than a Home Server license (which as you pointed out you can't legally buy anyway). And these are no more geekish than Windows; most of them have nice, and simple, web-based interfaces that boots up "out of the box".

Keep your PC for desktop use (Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.); use a server box for serving.

2007-05-16 16:02:28
Does your NAS unit automatically mirror no matter how many drives you add? How about automatically scheduling backups using shadow copies and single instance storage?

Thanks for playing, dude.

2007-05-16 16:21:12
Home Server sounds so funny to me. It does seem silly to only sell it to OEMs but it's another reason to install some Linux distro onto those old machines I guess. This is all my opinion, but I would think that anyone who has some old clunker around and wants to use it as a server, they are going to be the type to want to tinker with things. And what better OS is there to tinker with than Linux?
2007-05-16 20:10:11
This is not true. System builder copy can be bought from places like just the way Media Center could be purchased. Please check out the Windows Home Server forums for details.
2007-05-24 12:56:01
Looks like MS changed their mind:

2007-09-16 12:06:01
I agree that Microsoft is again missing the boat. I've been looking for a good way to recycle an older PC into a home file server & backup device. Looks like I'll be using Linux.
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Luis E Rivas
2008-03-04 08:31:51
There are several stores where you can purchase an OEM license for about $180.

Try: TigerDirect, eCost, Directrom, etc. this are all ".com" sites