Microsoft's Useless Patent Promises

by chromatic

Microsoft's Jason Matusow wants comments on Microsoft's patent pledge to F/OSS developers. That's the pledge where Microsoft won't initiate legal action against any developer who never distributes his or her code in any commercial fashion.

Here's my comment: that's useless and insulting.


Ellen the cynic
2006-11-16 10:31:42
"I prefer to compete on the quality of my software, not by threatening other people. Maybe you should consider that."

BWAHAHAHAAA LOL ZOMG!!!oneoneone11!!

as if.

Silly, if they had quality products and knew how to deliver good customer service, would they need to be big mean monopolistic bullies who have to bribe and browbeat people into using their stuff?

2006-11-16 11:36:33
Ellen, probably not. Yet it's difficult to believe that Microsoft as an organization will give up bullying as long as the original bullies run it. (Sure, Gates may leave, but Ballmer has been there a long time himself.)