Microsoft's Vista Tips Site Won't Work on Vista

by Preston Gralla

Want to check out Microsoft's new Windows Vista Tips & Tricks site? If you're a Vista user, don't bother --- the list of top tips is posted in a .pdf Acrobat file, and Acrobat doesn't ship as part of Vista. What was Microsoft thinking?


M. David Peterson
2006-09-20 19:43:59
>> Here's tip number one: "Explore the new Windows Vista Start Menu." Gee, thanks. Hadn't thought of that. <<

:D :D :D


2006-09-21 15:13:58
This is lame... Acrobat never did ship with windows, why should it change now?

Anybody running vista has access to complete info through Microsoft Connect.

I guess you are not one of them

2006-09-24 19:29:13
microsofts way would be to create there own support for pdf files like they sort of did with compressed files or zip files... why didn't they do at least that then?
amk online
2006-10-10 12:29:54
i wonder what os you are using? XP or VISTA? You must have a real interest in microsoft's work to notice these things !! They are doing a brilliant job with Vista. For once keep your mouth shut !!
2007-02-19 12:04:37
Duh, didn't you know that Adobe is suing Microsoft because they want to put the "Save as PDF" function on Office? When this idiots from Adobe allow Apple and some other OS to do this but not Microsoft..... Why? Simple, Microsoft hold 90% of OS market, to allow Windows to do that, Adobe can pack up their highly prices Acrobat. After all how much does other OS hold on market share? Nothing... thats why Adobe dare to allow them to do that and NOT Microsoft.