Might Red Hat benefit most from Sun's opening of Java?

by Andy Oram

Several rumors have been circulating that claim an esoteric prescience concerning Sun's intentions toward Java and the free software community. Like shoots of hope that spring from the coldest ground, open source proponents were reported floating the idea that Sun might finally, this time, yes really, make Java open-source.

More credibly, CNET suggests that Sun will alter its licensing on its Java Runtime Environment so that Linux distributions can include it. Currently, a typical Linux user (unless he buys a packaged distribution that has gone through the trouble and expense of getting a JRE license, as Sun's own Java Desktop System did) has to download and install a JRE himself, should he want Java for use in applets in his web browser or for other purposes. Clearly, it would much more convenient for users (and provide more certainty for developers) if Linux distributions could come with Java built in.


2006-05-05 19:43:18
Open sourcing Java does not mean giving up the trademark. Sun hasn't given up the Solaris trademark for OpenSolaris.org. Apache has not given up their trademark for their projects. It simply means that any distro of OpenJava would need to pass the TCK and be allowed to use the Java trademark.