[MikeChampion:Blog/@LINQ] Putting The Fun (Back?) Into Functional Programming

by M. David Peterson

mikechampion's weblog

Feel the power of the functional programming style, Luuuke. In DOM you can use XSL, and in XLinq you can use either XSLT or functional construction to transform from one tree to another without imperative manipulation. That will avoid the problem. Or you could use non-lazy tree navigation (no NodeLists in DOM or IEnumerables in XLinq) to locate data to modify.

I tell ya... Everytime I read another article, blog entry, or watch a Channel 9 flick on LINQ, the more excited I become. To see such a distinct effort for LINQ to "buddy up" with XSLT just makes my little XMLHacker heart go "pitter patter, pitter patter."

NOTE: Don't bother... As soon as I'm done writing this I'm taking myself out back and kickin' my own a$$ for that one. ;)

Okay then, so lets add a little more fun to the mix, shall we?