MindTouch Deki Wiki MSI Installer

by Todd Ogasawara

I took a look at MindTouch's Deki Wiki about a year ago. I decided to use Mediawiki for the project but recall being impressed with a number of Deki Wiki's features. One of the reasons I decided not to use Deki Wiki was the need to install and maintain Mono on my Linux box. Mediawiki just needed a LAMP (where P = PHP in this case) platform stack that was already a supported stack. Adding Mono would increase the stack management support requirements.

So, I was interested to learn that MindTouch announced a beta release of a Deki Wiki MSI installer for Windows Server 2008 (and 2003 later).

Mindtouch: Deki, OSS and Windows

A WIMP (Windows+.NET, IIS, MySQL, PHP) environment is an easily supportable environment for a Windows-focused shop. So, I decided to take a look at this beta release and create a test installation.


Deki Wiki needs MySQL 5.0.45 or newer. So, I installed MysQL 5.0.51b (the current production release) on a clean Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition installation with all current Windows patches applied. This is running in a VMware Fusion virtual machine. The initial Deki Wiki installation phase seemed to go smoothly. I noted that it enabled FastCGI for IIS7. Looking at the installation directories, I saw that it also installed a PHP engine for its use.


However, as you can see from the screencap above, Deki Wiki's configuration failed while attempting to insert a record into MySQL. I'll send an email message to MindTouch support and point them to this blog. it is a beta-release. So, these kinds of problems can be expected. I'm hoping to be able to successfully install and test the Deki Wiki MSI installer on its next release.


Steve Bjorg
2008-07-17 18:23:02
Feedback is much desired on the installer. The "beta" moniker for the MSI is specifically referring to the installer itself, not MindTouch Deki (just in case ;) ).

Please try it out, MindTouch Deki is free, and report issues back on this thread on our developer portal. Many Thanks!!!

2008-07-17 18:37:27
You're running into this issue because your mysql db is in strict mode.
Refer to http://forums.developer.mindtouch.com/showthread.php?t=2693

Good luck!

Todd Ogasawara
2008-07-17 23:19:28
Max: Thanks for providing me with my "slap my forehead" "doh moment" of the day. :-) Should have read through the error and caught the "default value" clue. Thanks!
Peter Nye
2008-07-18 09:28:14
Using Dekiwiki on a Linux machine can be eased using their VM Appliance install. It takes care of platform stack issues mentioned above fairly cleanly. It also smooths upgrades ( especially with rollback provided by VM snapshots ). Our organization has six different Dekiwikis running on VMs. It keeps them isolated and easy to redeploy.