MiniCPAN and GrandPerspective

by brian d foy

The mini-CPAN, a smaller version of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network that includes just the latest versions and excludes a few big things, is now about 700 MB on my machine. That means that it can't quite fit onto a single CD, at least without removing parts of it. What should go though?

I've been playing with GrandPerspective, a Mac OS X utility to show a tree map of a directory to easily show where the big files are. Here's the map for my /MINICPAN:


The big files represented by the tan section in the lower left are BioPerl, Most of the other big boxes are parrotin various releases, but from different authors (so maybe my minicpan script needs to recognize the multi-author situations to remove old versions.). This would probably be a cool movie of an animated window, but I don't know how to do that just yet. :) Now it's easy to find the big files and remove them (although a du -s can do this too, but it doesn't have the pretty picture).