Miss the dot com days? Check out 24 Hour dotcom

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://www.24hdc.com/

Miss those dotcom days? The 24 hour coding sprees. The cold pizza for breakfast. Calling a table in some corner of a cafeteria your office. Well, join the 24 Hour dot com project.

Visit quickly, the project is on German time so it will actually be almost over before the Californians wakie wakie.

The mission is to create a dotcom business from scratch in 24 hours. That means designing and programming a complete and useful web application, recruiting people, doing marketing, creating investment programs and much more. After 24 hours, the complete business will be sold on an eBay auction, and everyone involved will be rich!

You are free to join in and help out, and you will get paid in valuable stock ;)

I haven't had this much fun since... well the dot com days.

*Disclosure: I'm heavily invested. 8^) Is there room in Martha's cell?


2004-06-12 08:57:04
If it were a real dot.com...
If it were a real dot com you could skip the actual coding, and relax the useful and complete requirements :)