Missing QuickTime Properties in AppleScript

by Erica Sadun

QuickTime's info pane offers a great summary of many movie properties, including helpful items like format and data rate. So when you fetch movie properties in AppleScript, why is the format excluded? Is there an easier way to programatically grab codec and bitrate information from AppleScript? From the command line? Using file tells me about AVI files but not much about MP4 files.


2007-05-08 14:55:51
Looks like everything you want should be in the track object in the Quicktime Player Suite -- see properties: data format and data rate -- makes sense since each track could be a different format/rate in a given movie.
Erica Sadun
2007-05-08 14:58:32
Lon: Of course! (*Hits head against wall. Repeats.*)

tell application "QuickTime Player"
properties of track 1 of movie 1
end tell
René Lepage
2007-05-08 15:00:19
Data format is a property a the track. For bit rate, I'm not sure. What do you mean? There is the "streaming bit rate", and the "data rate", both are properties of tracks.

Hope this help.

Michael VanLandingham
2007-05-08 17:31:02
There's a huge amount of this data to be had with the 'mdls' (for meta-data ls?) command line...

$ mdls Movie.mov
Movie.mov -------------
kMDItemAttributeChangeDate = 2006-09-21 18:39:12 -0700
kMDItemAudioBitRate = 160.272
kMDItemAudioChannelCount = 2
kMDItemCodecs = (AAC, "H.264")
... etc ...