[MIX08:Predictions] IronSmalltalk, or Whatever Happened To Peter Fisk?

by M. David Peterson

via Tim Sneath,

Secondly, the real Scott will be sharing Wednesday's MIX keynote with Ray Ozzie and Dean Hachamovitch (GM for Internet Explorer). If you're into web development at all, that keynote is going to be required viewing - we've got lots of new announcements, some great demos, and one or two surprises. You can watch the keynote live at 9:30am Pacific / 5:30pm GMT by clicking on one of the following three streams: 750kbps, 300kbps, 100kbps.

So as many of you will know I've been a *HUGE* fan of both Peter Fisk and his Vista Smalltalk project here on this blog. The problem is that, as some of you will have noticed, as of July 5th, 2007 there's been no sign nor trace of Peter OR Vista Smalltalk. Well, that's not completely true. I did exchange a few emails with Peter in or around August of last year, all of which seem to have suggested that both he and Vista Smalltalk would reappear after he finished a "move to a new city" and the next release of Silverlight came into being.

But that release came and went with September of last year, yet no sign of Peter or VST resurfacing for air. When I queried the Vista Smalltalk list on September 19th regarding the whereabouts of Peter, I got the following in reply a day later from Gal Zsolt, another VST list member,