MIX 07: Two [O'Reilly Publications] for the Show

by John Osborn

Just in time for MIX 07, we've released two new online publications that should appeal to attendees and those who plan to listen in on MIX sessions over the web: one is a new O'Reilly Short Cut on Microsoft Silverlight and the other is a Rough Cuts edition of our forthcoming Programming ASP.NET AJAX.

Getting Started with Silverlight is written by Microsoft MVP and Silverlight insider Shawn Wildermuth and provides a succint introduction to one of the technologies that will be in the spotlight all week at MIX. Microsoft will release the first beta of this new cross-browser plug-in at the show. If the beta contains previously unannounced features, no one will be especially suprised. In the meantime, reading Shawn's Short Cut and trying out his code examples are a good way to get familiar with Silverlight.

We also figure that this is a good time to unveil the Rough Cuts Edition of Programming ASP.NET AJAX by ASP.NET MVP and JavaScript guru Christian Wenz. ASP.NET AJAX with its Extensions, Library, community Toolkit, and Futures CTP, has become a fundamental tool for Microsoft developers who want to build Web 2.0-style web applications. The book's organization mirrors the packaging of ASP.NET AJAX itself, with separate sections devoted to each of its components. It's also loaded with script and markup you can use. Experienced ASP.NET developers will want to read the entire book, but developers who remain committed to other platforms can zero in on the parts of the AJAX framework, such as the Microsoft AJAX Library, that are relevant to their immediate needs.

Both titles are published as PDFs, of course. This means you can download them onto your laptop and read them on your flight to Las Vegas.