MLB meets iPod

by Robert Daeley

You know, when your nose is buried in shell scripts and webserver config files, it still sometimes takes you by surprise how ingrained in the culture the iPod — and by extension, Apple — has become.

Take this Jayson Stark article on, “Greatest hits, in the palm of your hand”. I enjoy reading the bullet points in the voice of Fred Armisen doing Steve Jobs. ;)

It’s hard to say exactly which moment it was that we realized the iPod had taken over our entire civilization. But it might have been this one:

The day we first heard, last summer, that baseball players were using their iPods to do their pregame video studies — as opposed to, say, their pregame Shakira video studies.

What we have here, friends, is one of history’s most amazing gizmos ever. Name any other invention of all time that you can use to:

  • Listen to every song ever recorded by Green Day.

  • Watch the last 77 episodes of “24.”

  • Show off pictures of your kids.

  • Hear actual employees yelling at each other through the miracle of one of our inimitable (thankfully) ESPN podcasts.

  • Play Sudoku.

  • And sort through every at-bat Todd Helton has ever had against Armando Benitez.


2007-01-30 17:21:36
It is a great tool. It can be an even better tool. I would like to see a lot more content for the iPod. Maps, reviews, etc. There is some of that that info out there, but I can see a whole cottage industry built around media other than music and video that you can put on your iPod. Think information, guides, picture references, study guides, field guides for hunters and fisherman. Let the good times roll.
2007-01-31 09:19:20
Rob, your wish is their command. Apple brings thee... iPhone. Untethered as it will be, I have a feeling it will do everything and more you're looking for come June-ish.