Mobile RSS Feeds - Mobile Convenience

by Dave Mabe

Steve Rubel pointed out the other day that USA Today is offering mobile RSS feeds for their content. Look at the last set of feeds on USA Today's feed page. No, this isn't some newfangled, trimmed down RSS format - it's the same format that we all know and love (well, mostly love). These feeds simply point to the mobile-optimized version of the articles instead of the full version. This is great - just subscribe to these feeds in Bloglines or another feed reader with a mobile version and no more scrolling and scrolling (and sometimes more scrolling!) to find the content on a page and no huge image ads that make absolutely no sense to display on a mobile device.

Now this is a trend I hope continues.


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Polish Citizenship
2008-07-17 10:04:17
Looks great on the Iphone. Leech the SmartRSS app for a great view :)