Mobile Web Best Practices - last call for comments

by Michael(tm) Smith

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Dominique Hazael-Massieux of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative (and "team contact" for the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group) has announced Last Call on the Working Draft of Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0:

Comments should be sent to (archived at [2])
before February 17 to be taken into account as Last Call comments; note
that Last Call comments receive special treatments in the W3C process as
the Working Group needs to respond to any comments sent during that
period, and to ask the commenters whether they were satisfied by the
proposed resolution of their comments.

In other words, from now on until February 17 is the best time to get
your voice heard on this document, so please review it and ask other
relevant parties to do so as well!


Mobile Web Best Practices is has as its goal to provide specific details about best practices that should be followed to improve the user experience of the Web when accessed from mobile devices. It pays special attention to best practices for mobile devices that:

  • have small screens (240 by 320 pixels or smaller)

  • lack a pointing device (such as a mouse)

  • have a keypad for user input (instead of a standard keyboard)

The heart of the document is in section 5, Best Practice Statements, which is divided into the following sections:

Given that the world will eventually have several-times-over more Internet-enabled mobile devices than monitor+keyboard PCs, and that those mobile devices will be the primary means that many people use for accessing the Web, the work that is being done now on Mobile Web Best Practices is extremely important. If you have an interest in helping to make the Web of tomorrow -- the mobile Web -- as easy to use as possible, you should take time to read the document thoroughly and comment on it.