Mobile Web Morning at XTech 2006

by Michael(tm) Smith

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There's a first-rate lineup of presentations at this year's XTech conference(May 16-19 at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam). The final day will include a Mobile Web Morning with four separate presentations about developing Web apps for access from mobile devices. I'll be presenting one of them. Here are links to info about the whole set:

SAX creator David Megginson will be chairing the first pair of talks of the morning (mine and Håkon Lie's), and Håkon Lie will be chairing the second pair..

I'll also be chairing a separate set of talks a day prior, on May 18:

All of the Mobile Web Morning presentations are part of the conference's browser technology track, which includes what look to be a bunch of other really interesting talks, covering work related to Canvas, SVG, XBL/XBL2, Atom/RSS, CSS, microformats, RDF, XForms, GPS/GIS, and (of course) AJAX.

And outside of the browser-technology track, there a whole lot of other presentations going on -- covering frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django, of course, along with a variety of things that of other things very closely related to current web development (the Google Data API, Dojo, the Yahoo UI library, OpenLazlo, more), along with innovative work going on in the XML-technologies space that has always been at the heart of XTech: XSLT 2.0, SPARQL, XSieve, much more.

Throw in the fact that the keynotes and many of the presentations are from some reall heavy hitters in the field -- to pick just a handful (if you've got six fingers): Benoît Marchal, Paul Graham, Michael Kay, Uche Ogbuji, Jeff Barr, Brendan Eich -- and it looks to me like an event that's definitely gonna be well worth attending.