MOM 2005 Book Wraps Up

by Chris Fox

Well, I am very pleased to say that I have completed my book 'Essential Microsoft Operations Manager' and sent the last of my revisions to my editors.

I continue to be surprised that there are no books available yet on this topic, though there are very active weblog and discussion boards.

I'll leave it to O'Reilly to announce the release date, but I suspect it will be pretty cold outside (in North America) when it does hit the bookshelves.

In writing the preface, I was asked, why did I write this book and why is it of value? I can answer that in how I approached the writing of each chapter. My starting place was always what would I want to know if I were doing all this for the first time and what documentation and research can I find about it? For the most part, especially the chapter on SQL and the databases, I found very little out there. So I set about researching and writing the material that I had looked for. More than a few times at the end of a chapter, I found myself saying, I wish someone had written this material so I could have read it in preparing to write this chapter.

The book is not perfect, nothing ever is, or will be. But I hope to have the opportunity to advance it along that path

I believe that this book is going to give the novice MOM administrator a solid foundation to perform 80% of the tasks that they will ever have to do with MOM; and it will give them a strong starting place from which to learn how to perform the remaining 20%.

Ultimatley, why did I write this book, simply because it was needed and I was frustrated at the lack of what was available.

Thanks to O'Reilly!