Monad (Microsoft Shell(MSH)) Beta 3.1 Released to Microsoft Download Center

by M. David Peterson

I recently received an email regarding the official public release of Monad, the new Microsoft Shell (MSH) that I believe deserves a HUGE amount of attention for two reasons:

- For a company who has built their entire foundation on a GUI-focused OS, to then respond to market demands by creating what every UNIX weenie on the planet will begin to salivate for is pretty remarkable in my opinion.

- Directly related to this... just as community-based software development is supposed to work, MS took the lead of the UNIX command line, started from scratch, and made it better. As such, both my hope AND my guess is that the UNIX community will borrow the result right back :)

Possibly as part of the Mono-Project? I don't know, but it would certainly seem to make the most sense. That said, maybe they have? Not sure... Anybody out there know?

In the mean time here are a few highlights from the email recently sent to beta participants by Leonard Chung, Program Manager - Windows "Monad" Shell:


James Pogran
2006-04-07 15:16:05
Thanks for collating all this information in one place. I recently started looking into Monad, and haven't come up for air since. This is a really good compilation of all the available blogs and resources out there.

I highly recommend the Monad book written by Andy Oakley, it really presents the material in a way you can understand, and after reading it you are well prepared to dive in and learn on your own. Based on information gleaned from this book, blogs by the dev staff, and other webpages on the net you link to, I have been coming up with a presentation of my own to the windows team at work to get them started using MSH.

As a sysadmin by day and a wannabe programmer at night, I highly respect MSH and eagerly await it coming out of beta so I can start installing it everywhere.

James Pogran

M. David Peterson
2006-04-07 15:51:58
Very Cool! Thanks for the additional info James. I agree with all of what you have stated, and have no doubt that as folks begin to realize just how powerful Monad is, just like you (and me :) they will be installing it EVERYWHERE! :)
2006-04-19 08:21:00
Unix "weenie"?! Fair enough, you're a shill for Microsoft, but do you have to be a troll too?
M. David Peterson
2006-04-19 08:35:38
No last name: check.

No URL to make any connection now, or in the future: check.

Somehow finds a way to to find offense with the word "weenie": check.

Somehow finds a way to complain about Microsoft following the lead of the Unix community: check.

Sneaks in an innocent jab for fun: fair enough, I can accept that.

Still left wondering what the actual concern is: check.

I really don't know what else to say... and I'm not going to spend my time conversing with a ghost... Come on... give me something better to work with ... lets at least make the conversation fun/interesting.

Maxwell Kinney
2006-11-26 04:49:21
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