Money-stealing virus: who is to blame?

by Anton Chuvakin

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That is one fun case! A customer (whose box was apparently hacked and money were transferred out) sues the bank. Who is to blame: the guy who didn't secure his computer or the bank that actually warned customer of cyber-risks in advance?

It seems that 'neither' is the logical answer, but we will see who actually wins.

Such stories are always fun since one never knows who the victim will turn against: bank, software vendor, or some other random third party...


2005-02-13 00:46:48
Money stealing on-line
I find this matter of the fellow who was stolen his money from his account no laughing matter and it is not amusing at all.
Imagine if he is a family person who has his family to support and loses all of his savings.
The responsibility in this matter lies in the bank as well. The banks have a duty to their customers to have a well-secured connection and website that is hacker proof.
I for one do my banking on line and up to now I have no complaints and this is in Thailand.
I am amazed that a far more advanced country like the USA or Europe, is having such problems. They should take full responsibility for their customers and compensate them properly when things go wrong.