Monkey-Machine Interfaces

by David Sklar

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The first issue of PLoS Biology contains an article
detailing a brain-machine interface (where the brains belonged to macaque monkeys and the machine is a robot arm with a gripper) that enabled monkeys to cause robot arm movements by *thinking about* how they would perform the same movements with their own actual monkey arms.

There are obvious potential benefits to humans with spinal cord injuries, but this can also lead to all sorts of (cool, scary, exciting, bizarre, pick your adjective) possibilities: remote controlled golem-avatars, mentally-controlled bionic body additions (extra arms, legs, fingers, an elephant-like trunk, etc.) new "user interfaces" (if such an archaic term would even still apply) for computer systems and VR, recording and playback of neuronal sequences that trigger various actions, etc.

What would you do with a brain-machine interface?


2003-10-14 05:34:55
Monkey-machine interfaces
If I were a monkey, I would use them to take over the world.
2003-10-15 07:53:18
Monkey-machine interfaces
I will destroy the world unless you pay me one, er, billion bananas!