[Mono-Project:XSP] And The #1 Coolest Feature of The Mono 1.2 For Windows Release Is...

by M. David Peterson

I found the following in my current feed reader of choice yesterday, installed the Windows Bits, and even finished cooking the Linux bits into the nuXleus project earlier this morning (still working on the next release, though its within spitting distance of being ready -- two more apps to finish out.)

Mono 1.2 Released - Mono Project News

Mono 1.2 Released

Mono 1.2 has been released.

Go to the downloads page to get a copy.

Very Cool! Congratulations to the Mono folks for yet another amazing milestone!

That said, to whomever came up with the following feature in the latest Windows installation,


Josh Peters
2006-11-27 09:53:22
For the record, what's Fx?
Josh Peters
2006-11-27 09:56:10
Also, the new context menu does indeed rock! It reminds me of my most favorite context menu ever: Command Prompt Here
M. David Peterson
2006-11-27 10:02:09

Stupid hacker slang: Fx = Firefox :D

M. David Peterson
2006-11-27 10:03:31
> Command Prompt Here

The GREATEST PowerToy of ALL PowerToys, without a doubt! Well, until "XSP Web Server 2.0 Here 1.2" it was the best PowerToy ;)