Monthly Parrot Bug Day is 13 January 2007

by chromatic

From Jerry Gay, this month's revolving Parrot release manager:

On Saturday, 13 January, 2007, please join us on IRC in #parrot ( to work on closing out as many RT ([]) tickets as possible in the parrot queue. This will help us get ready for the next release of parrot 0.4.8, scheduled for Tuesday 16 January 2007. You'll find C, parrot assembly, perl, documentation, and plenty of tasks to go around. Core developers will be available all day (starting at around 10am GMT) to answer questions.

No experience with parrot necessary. See [|the parrot wiki page] for more information.

Last month's first-ever Parrot bug day was a huge success, as we closed some old bugs, attracted some new developers, and managed to improve portability to alternate platforms and toolkits.

This time, I hope to improve the state of Parrot::Embed. Windows developers are particularly welcome.