More Eyes on SightSpeed

by Bruce Stewart

It's great to see SightSpeed getting such rave reviews and picking up some new and exciting (and high-profile) customers. In the past couple of weeks I've read the glowing PC Magazine review that rates SightSpeed at the top of the video calling category, an item on IP Democracy about how John Garamendi (a democrat running for Lieutenant Governor in California) is using SightSpeed to send video email messages to supporters, and Andy Abramson pointing out that MTV is starting to use SightSpeed to incorporate home viewers on a huge video display wall they have on one of their most popular shows. I think MTV must have realized what many of us in the VoIP blogosphere have been saying for some time now -- SightSpeed's video quality rocks! I'm not surprised that PC Magazine rated SightSpeed so highly, that matches my experiences testing the various video calling products.


2006-10-04 22:11:24
I seem to be the only person who thinks that SightSpeed is the most over-rated project ever.