More flexible outlining coming your way soon

by Giles Turnbull

Outliner fans will no doubt be in excited anticipation, following the news that a new version of OmniOutliner is on the way.

This versatile and well-designed app has been undergoing a great deal of development and tweaking and there's some great new stuff for outlining addicts, long-term users of OmniOutliner, and newbies.

I've been lucky enough to be taking part in the beta test, and although the NDA forbids me from revealing what's new in OO3 until it is released, some of the cats are already out of the bag in MacNN's report.

There are impressive new options for styling and layout, and some very smart new ideas, such as folding within documents and direct audio recording (a la Microsoft Word's Notebook feature, but OO3 does it so much better).

If you're one of the people who got excited about OmniOutliner's ability to morph and extend itself through third-party scripts and applications, you're going to love this new version. Keep a close eye on for details of a public beta.

What features would you like to see in OO3?


2004-12-02 08:18:10
Rendezvous support
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