More Hidden Surprises

by Mikkel Aaland

In an earlier blog I wrote about Lightroom's contextual menus, which are like hidden Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the user interface, revealed with a right/click of the mouse. But, hey, there are more surprises!

Try this and you'll see what I mean: Hold the option/alt key while clicking on and moving the Exposure slider in the Develop module.



2007-05-11 00:07:30
Just to tease you but if you had checked out

You would've learned about this back in December.

2007-05-11 08:39:08
Hey Tim thanks for reference. Some good stuff there!
2007-05-11 15:56:42
Mikkel, thanks for another interesting hidden feature. I stumbled upon one of my own, which doesn't seem to be in the manual, and I haven't seen posted.

When I started with Lightroom I thought the Color Label feature was pretty useless because it was so inflexible. Five colors was not very much across a whole workflow. That was until I discovered what seems to be a little secret about user defined label sets. It seems that Lightroom not only remembers which color label you've applied, but surprisingly, which label set it was applied from. The color chosen always shows in the metadata panel, but the color highlighting is only done if the correct label set chosen.

This means I can have different label sets for use in each stage of my workflow e.g. a set for initial review, a set for tagging and captioning, and another for editing, and so on. Images which are color labelled in initial review show no highlighting while I'm working on tagging for example.

Maybe you've already come across this, or it may be of interest to your other readers.

My fear is that it will turn out to be a bug, and it'll get "fixed".