More iPhone/Yahoo Goodness

by Erica Sadun

In a kind of strange synergistic occurance, both Evan DiBiase over at and I have been sleuthing (Evan's "Nancy Drew" reference!) for new Yahoo!Sync references in OS X applications, specifically Address Book. My strings search (strings */Contents/MacOS/* | grep -i yahoo) found a good number of new Yahoo references, which you can examine after the jump. What's more, Evan also found what completely escaped my notice: a Yahoo end-user licensing agreement in Address Book. (It's in Contents/Resources/English.lproj/YEULA.html) Pop over to to keep up to date on his discoveries.


2007-06-21 14:00:38
This might be worth playing with:

grep -rail yahoo /Applications /Library /System | egrep -vi '(da|Dutch|fi|French|German|Italian|Japanese|ko|no|pt|Spanish|sv|zh_CN|zh_TW)\.lproj'

That will scan *everything* for references to Yahoo, while filtering out the non-English localization bundles which will probably mostly be duplicates of the English language information.

Off the bat, I see mentions of "yahoo" in Address Book, iChat's help section, iPhoto (mention of, iWeb, Keynote, Pages, Safari, the Apache documentation, etc.

Admittedly, some of this was probably already there prior to 10.4.10, but still, this should be a good general way to get a list of files to inspect.

2007-06-21 14:13:11
I see YahooSyncSupport
This makes me think defaults write YahooSyncSupport -bool true

However, that doesn't do anything. Oh well. Maybe it's time I installed F-Script.