More Java.NET

by Steve Anglin

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In the "Microsoft plans Java counterpunch for .NET" article in The Register, Andrew Orlowski has received credible reports that Microsoft will shortly unveil Java support for .NET, alongside its home-brewed Java clone C#, and VB, in a project that goes under the internal name of Java.NET.

This is in addition to another Java.NET project that's managed by Halycon Software, Inc. in San Jose, CA. Contrary to likely Microsoft Java.NET plans, Halycon's Java.NET is open source, rumored to be backed by Borland. For more on this Java.NET, visit our Open Source .NET Directory on O'Reilly Network's .NET DevCenter

Does Java.NET pose a threat to C#? Well, there are mixed signals coming from Redmond, certainly. Will Java developers adopt it as an interoperability solution as they migrate for Windows development? Perhaps, but it will depend on a number of things as Java.NET evolves. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

What are your thoughts about Java.NET? Does it pose a threat to C#? Would current Java developers use it? Share your thoughts with us.