More Mac OS X Hacks

by Rael Dornfest

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With Mac OS X 10.3 Panther going gold, I'm setting to work on the the next edition of the Mac OS X Hacks book.

And so I turn to you, gentle readers, for your interest in contributing to the next book. Got a hack, tip, tweak, loophole, script, haxie, favourite bit of software, unconventional use you'd be interested in sharing and writing up (code and/or prose) for the book? Please do leave a writeback or drop me a line. While we'll certainly be covering more of Panther than you can shake a stick at, there's no reason to be OS version-specific.

P.s. Those of you under Apple NDA, please do be aware that you're not supposed to be discussing Panther with me. Just pass me your contact info and some general Mac OS X hacking subject areas of interest to you and I'll ping you once Panther ships.

Got more Mac OS X Hacks up your sleeve?


2003-10-04 21:38:46
not panther specific and not new
but still useful:

as per option + close-button:

option-minimize (the little yellow glob in X)

try it!

Open up TextEdit and create 12 or so new documents.

option-click the minimize button in any of them and they all genie into the dock. simultaneously. And if your mac is fast enough, you might even see it happen!

If it isn't fast enough, you can option-shift-click the minimize glob to get a slow-mo treatment