More on Recruiting Perl Programmers in London

by chromatic

Perl 5.8.x pumpking Nicholas Clark has more thoughts on recruiting good Perl programmers in London. I still keep hearing that plenty of companies want to hire good Perl programmers in places such as Los Angeles and London and much of western Europe, but they can't find enough applicants.

Maybe it's time to dust off your Camel book, grab any of Catalyst, Jifty, Maypole, or CGI::Application, and renew your career.


2007-04-29 14:25:41

I had been following some of the job postings in England in general and it appears that they really don't want to pay much for a good programmer. The typical range is 30,000 to 45,000 pounds.

In US dollars that is $60,000-90,000 which is really not that much for someone to consider switching based upon a salary. If you have a job that pays 70-75,000 are you really eager to go to another position for $5,000 more? It is the devil you know versus the devil you don't.

If a company is not willing to take a risk by offering a higher salary, I fail to see why they should expect employees to take a risk on them.

2007-04-30 13:12:24
Considering that I've never had a job that pays more than USD30K/yr (I've been in education all my life), I'd be more than happy to take a USD60K/yr job. And I live in Los Angeles, too.

So where do I start looking?

PS Thanks for the list of new technologies. There's so much out there, it's hard to know where to even begin to try to catch up.

2007-05-02 03:17:37
I was at the Nordic Perl Conference and I also heard some verteran perl hackers saying that there are jobs in London, especially for senior developers. They are not paying competitive rates apparently, and that has been part of the difficulty in hiring.
2007-05-02 13:48:54
What about to make Work Permit for senior perl developer from Kiev/Ukraine? I'm looking for such position. (7yrs of perl/HTML/CSS/javascript/etx. exp.) Email:

2007-05-03 04:41:17

What about to make Work Permit for senior perl developer from Kiev/Ukraine?

If this were the United States, you would not be able to pull it off. The main reason is there is a limited number of visas for the US and they go very quickly.

I am not sure about work visas for the UK,but this site might be able to help you get started. Working in the UK.

Nicholas Clark
2007-05-05 15:45:14
So where do I start looking?

Take a look on

There have been several firms in LA advertising there (and several in London)
Also join the list of your local Perl Monger Group and ask them who is recruiting.

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2007-05-15 01:39:43
Agreed, sign me up.