More RAW Support

by Steve Simon

Today is a happy day for Aperture users with the following cameras: Panasonic DMC-LX1, Panasonic DMC-LX2, Leica M8, Leica D-LUX 2, Leica D-LUX 3, Fuji S5 Pro, Nikon D40x, and Canon EOS 1D Mk III.

The lastest Mac OS X 10.4.10 update now adds camera RAW support for these cameras. Now that Tiger can decode these RAW files, Aperture and iPhoto can get to work on processing them.

I was happy to finally be able to shoot RAW with my Fuji S5 camera and use Aperture to process the RAW files; though of all the cameras on the market, the Fuji S5 Sensor captures JPEGS with a very wide dynamic range.

Unsupported 2.jpg
This is what Fuji S5 RAW images looked like in Aperture before the update

After the update, I can get to work.

I know many Leica M8 users were discouraged from using Aperture because it didn't support their camera in RAW format. Welcome.

There are other minor fixes, including one that fixes a bug in which Adobe DNG format files appeared "tinted or distorted".

You can install the latest update through Software Update under the Apple menu, or as a standalone updater here.


Eric Merrill
2007-06-21 07:29:56
While I don't have the camera anymore, I wish I could bring my Sigma SD-10 photos into aperture. Their software for processing sucks, and converting them to DNG doesn't help :(
2007-06-21 15:33:33
still no support for by beloved pentax ds2
2007-06-23 16:28:10
I have noticed that some camera data does nto come into Aperture for the DMC-LX2.
2007-06-29 23:25:54
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