More Renaming

by Ben Long

In my last two entries I outlined a few strategies for renaming master files during import into Aperture. However, if you've already got files in your Aperture library and didn't rename the masters on import, and now find that you need to export renamed master files, you'll want to use the technique described here.

Why would you ever need to export renamed masters? Last week I worked with a photographer who shoots raw, but needs to deliver both raw files and JPEGs to the magazines she shoots for. She doesn't do any actual image editing - she simply selects the images that she likes, and sends the batch in both formats. The publisher uses the JPEG files for browsing (for the sake of speed) and then finds the corresponding raw file for editing. However, her publisher also expects a very particular naming format.

Aperture's Relocate Masters command enables you to change the location of your master files, whether they're stored inside the Aperture library, or stored as references. During the move, it can also rename the file using any of the usual Aperture naming presets.

To rename a master file that's already in your library:

1. Select the images you want to rename.

2. Choose File > Relocate Master.

3. In the resulting dialog box, choose a location where you want to store the new files. You can relocate the images to a different folder on the same drive, but the relocation will go faster if you move them to a different drive.

4. In the same dialog box, specify the name format that you want applied to the masters as they're moved.

5. Click Relocate Masters to move the files.

The master files will be placed in the location you specified, using the naming convention you defined. You can now do whatever you need to do with them.

Now that they're renamed, if you want the files back in your internal Aperture library:

1. Leave the files selected and choose File > Consolidate Masters.

2. In the resulting dialog box, choose Move Files.

3. Click the Continue button.

The master files will be relocated to your internal library.

Granted, this scheme is a little bit of a hack - it would be better if Aperture simply let you rename the files in their current location - but on small to medium-sized batches, it goes fairly quickly.


2006-12-02 09:56:52
I've commented on this on the Apple Disccusions. A catalog shoot, like 80% of what I do, needs a way to rename files eaisly on the fly. My client has a page # and a 8digit SKU needed for each final image. This is something I need to do after each expsoure or after a batch of exposures.

Bridge still holds sway over my workflow for this ONE reason.

2006-12-08 02:26:56
What's wrong with just using Meta Dat -> Batch Change... to change all the version names?
It gives you the same name formats.
2007-04-11 01:21:11

The problem is that version names would be different from masterfile names. What is being explained here, is how to change the masterfile name (not the version name). In many cases, having version and masterfile names different will be a bit of a burden.