More (Tangential) Thoughts on Programming Language Design

by William Grosso

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In addition to my previous blog entry,
I'd like to add a couple of additional thoughts about
Paul Graham's latest.

The first is this: Ken Arnold had

a very good point
when he wrote
I first started to think about this when writing a paper on C++.
In the first (and only) draft, I declared that a programming language
is a user interface to the language's abstract programming model

Does this point surface in Graham's paper? I don't think so.
Or, at least, it surfaces obliquely. And when it does bubble to
the surface, it bubbles up strangely.

Another thought that comes bubbling up is: What would
Todd Proebsting
think of this?
. In particular, consider the powerpoint
presentation entitled "Disruptive Programming Language Technologies."
What are the points of intersection between Proebsting and
Graham? Do they have any?

Just some things to think about....

What other good articles on programming language design have you read lately?