More wireless networks in Detroit

by brian d foy

I went to the Detroit Beer Co. for lunch today. If I did not want to watch TV while I waited for my food, I could have checked my email through their free wireless service. They did not advertise it on their carry-out menu, but right there on the hostess station were two wireless routers and a big sign announcing free wireless access.

I went to Borders to look for a book, and they had huge LCD screens hawking their T-Mobile hotspot, which I can also get in Starbucks. I have to pay for those if I want them, but there is so much free stuff around, why should I?

After that, as I was walking back to the hotel, which also has wireless that pops in and out (and I have my own Airport set up), I had to walk under an awning that seemed to say something more than what its designers had intended.*


Now I want like to turn my phone into an 802.11 detector. It is already a camera (it took that picture) and a PDA. Wouldn't that be cool?

* )( is the war-chalking symbol for an open network.

Where have you found unexpected Wi-Fi access.