More WWDC 2006 Content for Mere ADC Mortals

by Jochen Wolters

In addition to the "Mac OS X State of the Union" video (as noted a week ago), Apple has made another video from WWDC 2006 available to ADC subscribers with just the free ADC Online Membership.

Where last week's OS X video was mainly targeted at developers as it focused on highly technical details of Apple's operating system, the new video titled "IT State of the Union" gives a higher-level view on Apple's offerings for IT users in corporate and education environments.

To download the video, go to ADC on iTunes and log in to have iTunes show you the way to the the ADC section of the iTunes Store. You will find the new video and the accompanying slides under the left-most tab.


Notice, by the way, that there was an interesting change of names: that left-most tab has been renamed from "Mac OS X State of the Union" to "Online Member Videos." Let's hope that this means more ADC videos that do not require a paid ADC subscription will be added to that section in the future.