Mori maker's new plans

by Giles Turnbull

Jesse Grosjean, creator of notebook app Mori, is working on a new GTD product called TaskPaper.

In a revealing thread on his own forum that begins with Jesse’s thoughts on selling Mori to a third party (indeed, in a more recent thread Jesse says directly: “Also it’s very likely now that Mori and Clockwork’s development will be taken over by another developer,”), he reveals that his efforts have recently been focused on a task and project management tool.

It’s not a replacement for Mori, it’s a much much smaller app, but I think it will be good at managing your project and task list, while you still use Mori as a reference database. It takes a different approach then all the other GTD apps that I’m aware off and so even if you don’t decide to use it in the end I think it should be interesting to play with.

I’ve been using Mori for storage of ideas (and actually for writing of articles, too, something I previously considered a separate task but now I’m not so sure) since my post about idea management last week. I’m enjoying Mori’s simplicity and ease of use. The thought of there being a similarly simple and easy GTD app is quite appealing. Then again, OmniFocus is getting ever-nearer to release, so the competition in the Mac productivity sector is going to be fierce for a while yet.


Jesse Grosjean
2007-06-09 14:37:24
You do your own footwork for good scoops :)

Just wanted to let people know that as of yesterday I signed a deal to sell Mori and Clockwork to another developer, but we'll be waiting a while to actually change things one the website we have enough time to add the existing content to the new site.

And about the new GTD app that I'm working on I'm certainly excited about it because for me it works great, but I want to warn people not to get to excited... I would call it an interesting alternative to OmniFocus, but it's not really in the same category. My apps much much smaller, simpler, and of course will do less.