MountainWest RubyConf, Day Two

by Gregory Brown

The second day of MWRC has passed, and I'm sad to see the conference end. It was really a great time, preserving the feel of RubyConf while having a local flare to it.

Again, I took spotty, horrible notes, so I apologize for the entirely reactionary post, but I do want to provide a comprehensive report of the conference.

Saturday was largely a day of low level bits, featuring talks from John Lam on RubyCLR, Charles Oliver Nutter and Thomas Enebo on JRuby, and Michael Hewner on Ruby USB. Unfortunately, Kirk Haines was ill and didn't get to talk on IOWA, but the replacement code review by Marcel Molina and Jamis Buck was actually pretty neat.


2007-03-19 06:14:37
It was one of the COSL apps, Ozmozr if I remember correctly. The COSL guys are awesome, they were one of the conference sponsors and helped bail us out by letting Marcel and Jamis publicly review their code.
Gregory Brown
2007-03-19 06:33:05
Thanks pate.
I updated the article.