MovableType celebrates its one-year birthday with a new version

by Timothy Appnel

MovableType 2.5, the latest version of personal publishing tool that I and thousands of others use to publish their weblogs, was released. Some of the more tasty technical bits reported in the release notes are:

  • You can now easily ping and other update services that accept pings adhering to the XML-RPC interface.

  • A new "Keywords/Metadata" field has been added... (I've already updated my mt-meta plugin.)

  • Added optional TrackBack auto-discovery, which can automatically find TrackBack ping URLs based on permalinks in entry bodies.

  • TrackBack pings are now sent using HTTP POST instead of HTTP GET. (In other words itís now more RESTful.)

This also marks the one-year birthday of MovableType. The dynamic duo of Ben and Mena Trott reflect on the past year here.

Great job Ben and Mena. A tremendous accomplishment for a "a hobby, a way to occupy time previously filled by, well, employment." Thanks for sharing and congratulations! I'm looking forward to what the next year will bring.