Move over Nokia 770: Here comes the Sharp W-ZERO3 (if you are in Japan)

by Todd Ogasawara

I understand that some developers got their Nokia 770 delivered recently. However, the rest of us are still waiting for Nokia's Internet mini-tablet to hit US shores. While you wait, take a look at the Sharp W-ZERO3 available in Japan. Unlike the slate-only 779, the W-ZERO3 has a pull-out querty keyboard and some other nice features.

There's a nice flash demo of this Microsoft Windows Mobile device at...

Sharp W-ZERO3 Flash demo

This Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition device (PHS, not CDMA or GSM) has a 3.7" 640x480 (VGA) LCD display, 802.11b, all the usual Microsoft Mobile Office apps (including the newly revived Mobile PowerPoint Mobile), and a length-wise QWERTY keyboard reminiscent of the old Handheld PC form factor.

Anyone in Japan have one and able to tell us more about it?