Movin' On, Singin' a Song, and Whistlin' them Metaphorical Blues

by Kurt Cagle

I suspect strongly that those of you who have been regular readers of my column have noticed that I have not been as ... well, regular ... as I had in the past. The reason for this has partially been my own sheer workload, which has been heavier of late than I normally maintain, due largely to factors beyond my control. The other reason, and one that I have been understandably retiscent about, has been the fact that I have left one employer and taken up with another, and have in the interrim started up my own business as well. As if I didn't have enough to do...

As of couple of weeks ago, I've shifted from working with Mercurial as a regular employer to their being a consulting client. The reasons for this are largely due to my own professional career needs - Mercurial Communications has been, and continues to be, a remarkably good company to work for, and I would continue to recommend them highly if you are needing a team of highly professional developers to bring innovative solutions to market. They have been a mainstay in helping get the SVG Open 2006 Conference up and running (more about that later).


2006-05-10 02:49:32
Good luck with your new venture!
2006-05-10 06:24:54
Spend some time looking at the Croquet demo. Yes, X3D can do quite a bit of this as well and in some cases better, but their peer to peer model (get rid of central communications servers - cost mucho loonies) and the neat way their portals work are neat.

Is this the future operating system? Maybe. There are miles to go on that one, but real time 3D continues to pick up momentum regardless of pundits, Slashdot or the predations of the BigCos.

Much luck with the new gig.