Moving on to dbXML 2.0

by Tim O'Brien

I hate to say it, but I think Apache Xindice has entered a state of dormancy. There is one dedicated committer working towards the 5th beta release of 1.1, and there is very little activity on either the user or developer mailing lists. Because of this, I started working with dbXML, and I'm impressed. Here's a screenshot of dbXML Administrator, a client application bundled with dbXML 2.0:


Screenshot of dbXML Administrator

This tool makes all the difference, from it you can create, read, update, or delete collections and documents.
You can view documents and query results as XML, in a grid format, or apply a stylesheet to documents from a particular collection. This is relief for anyone who had grown used to Xindice's "Ugly Debug Tool". If you have an application using the XML:DB API, you can switch over to dbXML 2.0 with a minimum of fuss, and the install process for dbXML is straightforward.

For more information about dbXML 2.0, take a look at the dbXML Group and the dbXML 2.0 Programmer's Manual.

Using dbXML?