Mozilla Minimo 0.009 for Windows CE (Windows Mobile Pocket PC)

by Todd Ogasawara

The Mozilla Minimo browser for Windows CE (Windows Mobile Pocket PC) was released on Sept. 22. I took it for a quick (relatively speaking) test drive keeping in mind that the project is in a very early development stage.

Minimo 0.009 Released

One of the first issues that came up was that the release note clearly states that Minimo does not start on the Dell Axim X50v.
Guess which Pocket PC is the one I prefer to use every day?
I didn't see the older HP iPAQ 2215 on the compatibility list (see link below) but decided to try Minimo on it (2215) anyway.

Minimo on Windows CE Matrix

The HP iPAQ 2215 was released in 2005 and runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003.
You can find my article about Windows Mobile 2003 running on the iPAQ at:

Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC 2003

Despite its relative age, the iPAQ 2215 is a relative speedy Pocket PC with a 400MHz PXA255 processor with 64MB RAM.
Minimo wanted 12.0902MB RAM for installation and I only had 6MB free system storage RAM.
So, I opted to install it on a SD flash memory card.
The installation went smoothly.
But, as the version number 0.009 indicates, it is very early in the development stage and should not be compared to production quality products.
So, I was not surprised by the spartan user interface.
I was a little surprised by how slowly it started up and ran.
However, it does work and I was able to to search using Google connected over a 802.11b WiFi network connection.

Tried Minomo on a new Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC like the Dell Axim X51v? Let us know if it works on it (or not).