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by M. David Peterson

Update: A HUGE thanks to Daniel for providing some EXTREMELY beneficial information and a list of links that at face value confirm what I assumed was probably the case... This is another case, similar to the recent O'ReillyGate incident in which standard, legal, and ethicial business practices continued to take place during a time when ANYTHING that even remotely smells like an attempt to "own" and idea, or a phrase, term, etc... both looks and quacks just the same.

I'm all for DuckTyping, but StereoTyping is something that I think we all can state is not the kind of trait we should seek after in life. To each of our defense, we want to live in a free culture.... bottom line.

This is a good thing.

We just need to come to a greater understanding, myself included, of what a "Free Culture" really looks, smells, and quacks like, and find a way to realize,

"There's one!"

"err wait...


2006-06-14 23:53:13
It seems Mozilla applied for the trademark a while back, but has now decided that it might be a bad idea.

In any case, the "agreement" is now a set of guidelines that are not legally binding... "ethically binding" might be a better term. There's a spate of blogs on the issue, but here are some of the highlights:

RSS Icon and trademark application

The feed icon as a "community mark"

Proposed usage guidelines for the feed icon

Frequently asked questions about the feed icon usage guidelines

M. David Peterson
2006-06-15 01:48:38
SWEET! Thanks a TON Daniel :D

It seems that based on your comments and the title of the links, this is pretty much what I had thought it might be... I'm glad to see this, but in reality, not surprised.

If this had been something more than this, then I would have been surprised. Then again, I haven't clicked-through and read the content contained at these links so I'd better stop there before I get myself in any trouble making statements that are assumed rather than confirmed.

Either way, I truly appreciate your help! I will bring this to the top of the post to notify others regarding your comment+links.

2006-06-15 03:44:58
Happy to be of help :)
M. David Peterson
2006-06-15 05:25:05
:D It's much appreciated for sure!
Amari Russell
2006-11-23 00:15:12
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Amari Russell
2006-11-23 00:18:46
The Rolling Stones cancel a gig in Hawaii and postpone other tour dates as Mick Jagger suffers throat troubles...