Announces Launch of the Mozilla Foundation

by Steve Mallett

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", the organization that coordinates Mozilla open source development, today announced the launch of a new foundation that will continue to promote the development, distribution and adoption of the award-winning Mozilla standards-based web applications and core technologies, including the Gecko browser layout engine.  The Mozilla Foundation will continue and expand on the efforts of, the group managing the daily operations of the Mozilla project since its inception.

"It has been a long-standing objective of the Mozilla team to create an independent organization so we can continue to lead and innovate," said Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler at, who will become President of The Mozilla Foundation.  "We're grateful for the past and ongoing support of America Online, and we look forward to continuing to work with AOL over coming years.  Mozilla was developed in an open source environment and built by harnessing the creative power of thousands of programmers on the Internet.  Going forward, we will continue to partner with developers and industry leaders to keep content on the Web open," continued Baker.

...To help launch the new organization, America Online has pledged $2 million in cash to the Mozilla Foundation over the next two years.  AOL will also contribute additional resources through equipment, domain names and trademarks, and related intellectual property, as well as providing some transitional assistance for key personnel as they move into the new organization.

Other industry leaders also offered their support to the new organization: Mitch Kapor, the new Chairman of the Mozilla Foundation, is making a personal contribution of $300,000, and Red Hat and Sun Microsystems are among the companies planning to continue their contributions to the Mozilla project."

This sounds like a great idea all around. Moz, AOL, & users.

I think this sounds great. Moz funding itself is healthy, AOL getting away from something it doesn't have any great interest in anymore, users having a healthier Moz organization. What do you think?


2003-07-16 08:06:16
AOL Lays Off 50 Netscape Coders
I wish them luck because they are going to NEED it.
2003-07-16 09:14:28
No more resources wasted on Netscape
The only downside for the Mozilla project is that ~10 of those employees were paid to work on Mozilla. The ones working on Netscape would be wasted going forward anyway. Netscape != Mozilla.

The $2 Million will not fund the process for very long but if they can get the funding they won't need much luck.

And with the Mozilla suite reaching it's final version, all resources will now be focused on the wicked-fast, standards leader Mozilla Firebird. That's lot's of upside for them and us.

Rock on!

2003-07-16 12:48:15
No more resources wasted on Netscape
have they explain how they are going to make money to survive? even as a non profit org.?