MPAA DMV API: Give your home IP address and Driver's License to MPAA

by Noah Gift

For the privilege of watching a Red Band Trailer, of nocountryforoldmen, all you need to do is give the MPAA and some third party site, your home IP address, Driver's License Information, and zip code. What a deal! I am sure this information will be very safe, and it would never be used to track me, if I chose to use a P2P site.

Thanks MPAA for making my world safe! Is that SDK available to everyone? I could build one heck of Social Networking site. You just browse to the site, the webabb detects your IP address, and automatically builds a profile based on your driver's license records.



Kevin Mark
2007-11-23 17:28:04
I tried it too and said WTF. Does this imply that that optained information about the IP address and will check it against some database that matches name, zip code, ip and drivers license? Who authorized such release of such information?
Noah Gift
2007-11-23 18:41:07
Kevin/The Department of Homeland Security authorized them.
When I worked in Film, they would come by the studio to do "things"....

It is obvious to patriotic citizens that tricking people into registering their IP addresses, so they are associated with a Federal Identification Record, is the best use of our tax dollars and keeps America safe. Plus, America "needs" to see grotesque violence, and we should use every mechanism possible, including the use of DMV records, to make sure people can watch the blood and gore.

Of course, even the "patriotic" citizens, should be concerned that private federal records, are now allowed for commercial use.

So, how much money do I need to buy off our government with so I can get access to this database? 10 million, 10 billion...what is the number?

When is the Department of Homeland Security going to release their version of the Google Web Toolkit"? I personally want to get access to Carnivore. Can you imagine what you could build with a REST API to that?