MS Win must include Java

by Steve Anglin

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According to Associated Press: "Microsoft must include rival Sun Microsystem's Java programming language in its Windows operating system, a federal judge ruled Monday, handing Sun a victory as it pursues its private antitrust case." This injunction paves the way for more anti-trust rulings against Microsoft in the long-term.

What do you make of this injunction, in terms of both short-term and long-term effects?


2002-12-23 16:50:47
Fantastic News!
This is a huge win for client side developers using Java and for the consumers. Hope the appeals court holds the judgememt.
2002-12-25 23:14:29
MS Win?
Microsoft is found to be a monopoly by the courts and to have abused that monopoly requiring a variety of penalties - now including this one. Microsoft has only "won" in the sense that the Federal count penalties were not as severe as they could have been. All of Microsoft's actions will now be judged against the standard of it being a mononpolist. This will only be the first of many such court suits for damages resulting from this judgement.
2002-12-26 09:53:40
just java?
how about open office, python, mozilla, cygwin and any other platform/application that would be handy to have deployed everywhere?
2002-12-27 08:39:57
Fantastic News!
I don't see this as good for consumers. I see this as bad. Why isn't MS required to bundle Real Player or Quicktime? Maybe they have to bundle some other non-MS software as well. Not only will people get out of date versions of these softwares, what if they don't want them to begin with? They should have prevented MS from tweaking the JVM instead of making them bundle it instead.
2002-12-30 22:08:15
Installation mode
Well, I don't really mind much about the (probably outdated)java runtime lying in my Windows CD(lots of 3rd party tools already made it into the value-add folder, so why not java), but MS had better offer an option NOT to install it. Seems that it has has gone to great lengths to make it real hard for people to customize the installation process with win2k and then XP, maybe on the assumption that this will "simplify" the setup process, but in reality it's just the opposite.