MSDN Video of IronPython on the .NET Framework

by Todd Ogasawara

Now, here's something you don't see everyday: Python (IronPython) being discussed and demonstrated on MSDN TV by Jim Hugunin (IronPython's creator and now a Microsoft employee).

IronPython: Python on the .NET Framework

The show's description on the MSDN TV web page is described as:

"IronPython" is an implementation of the Python language on the .NET Framework. Jim Hugunin introduces IronPython by showing interactive exploration and GUI building from a command prompt as well as simple embedding as a scripting language in an existing Windows Presentation Foundation application.

Jim shows how to both use and create .NET classes.
If you are interested in using Python in a Microsoft Windows environment, take a look at this video.

Python for Windows software development anyone?