[MSFT:IronPython] IronPython 1.01 Now Available

by M. David Peterson


Release 1.01 Production
Oct-06-200611 Files
The motivation of this release is to add a small feature that enables the community to create new built-in modules more easily. Additionally we've included a small set of minor bug fixes to the IronPython modules and engine. You can see the more complete list of changes below.
The new support for community written built-in modules enables loading the .NET DLLs on startup and adding them to the built-in module list. This feature was implemented by updating site.py to check for a "DLLs" directory and looking for the PythonModuleAttribute point to an assembly. Now users can create built-in modules by simply adding this attribute to their assembly and re-distributing only the new assembly which the user can add to their DLLs directory.