[MSFT:WCF] Windows Communication Foundation (codename: Indigo) RC1 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

A little late on this one: I'm an avid reader of Steve Maine's blog, but the last week has been spent, for the most part, underground readying Viberavetions for the first public beta launch (currently in private beta). For those with interest, the main "world" web feed will provide more detail for you when it's ready.

In the mean time,

Brain.Save() - RC1

Today is a very, very cool day. Windows Communication Foundation (the API Formerly Known as Indigo) shipped RC1 to the world. You can get the bits right now.

And when we say "release candidate", we mean it. As Clemens says, there are only a "handful" of active issues in the bug database (and you don't need very big hands). The time has come for us to ship, and believe me, I can't wait to get this in the hands of our customers.

So go, play with the bits already :)

SWEET!!! I wish I had more time to play with this (a common heard phrase amongst us hackers, without a doubt), and even though I have my days and nights, for the most part, spoken for -- something tells me the temptation to begin playing with this is going to be too strong and I will have to give in.

Live could be worse ;)

Enjoy your day!