[MS:IronPython] IronPython 1.0 RC1 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

In a recent post to the IronPython mailing list, Dino Viehland reports,


Hello IronPython Community,

We have just released IronPython 1.0 RC1. We're anticipating that this build will be the same as 1.0 final unless we hear otherwise. We're looking for any feedback, but in particular we'd like to know of any blocking issues discovered against this build or fundamental language incompatibilities. Please try out the latest build over the next 2 weeks and let us know if you encounter any issues as soon as possible. Additionally, if there are any 1.01 Alpha bugs on CodePlex that are blocking you please bring these to our attention so we can take a second look at them.

Our goal for IronPython 1.0 is to be compatible with CPython 2.4 We've fixed all known language incompatibilities and implemented a large number of the standard CPython built-in modules with a focus on those most used. RC1 includes one new module that hasn't shipped previous (cPickle). We do have some issues remaining but we believe these will not affect compatability with CPython. In addition RC1 has several new 2.5 Python features that can be enabled with the experimental switch -X:Python25, but by default these are disabled:

More details follow below, but let me first take the time to send out a BIG PHAT THANKYOU to both MS, the IronPython development team, and the IronPython development community for bringing this all together.

Exciting times are ahead!

The rest of Dino's post follows below:


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