MS:LiveClipboard and Calendar Synchronization with SSE

by M. David Peterson

Synchronizing calendar events between the web and the desktop

In a recent post to the LiveClip mailing list, Matt Augustine, Software Design Engineer on the Concept Development Team at Microsoft writes,

Today I presented a demo at the Supernova conference in the "Decentralizing Data" workshop, moderated by Tantek Celik. The demo shows how to leverage Live Clipboard and Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) to synchronize calendars in both directions between a web application ( and a desktop application (Microsoft Outlook). It makes use of a new technique, pushing client SSE feed state to the server via HTTP POST, to circumvent the difficulties of feed cross-subscription in firewalled environments. It also shows a tentative representation of SSE feed references in the Live Clipboard XML format.

If you are interested in seeing this demo, please view the screen cast at

The next 5 minutes or so of your life spent watching this screencast will go a LONG way into gaining a greater understanding of how using LiveClipboard and SSE can help make your web applications a TON more useful for your customers.

Thanks for the demo, Matt!


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