[MS:LiveClipboard] As Promised, Redmond Delivers

by M. David Peterson

In a recent post to the LIVE-CLIP mailing list, Matt Augustine, Software Design Engineer on Ray Ozzie's CTO Concept Development Team writes:

The Live Clipboard specification, example and technical overview have been updated to version 0.92. The primary changes are:

Each <lc:item> element contains data as follows:
If the data can be represented as well formed xml, then the xml should be appended as a child node of the <lc:item> element.
In all other cases the data should reside in the CDATA section for the <lc:item> element, optionally encoded in the format described by the encoding attribute of the <lc:format> element.

In the Javascript object model presented by the control script, the xmlData property of DataItem is set to the root XML node inside <lc:item>, if <lc:item> contains XML data. If <lc:item> contains non-XML data, it is stored in the data property of DataItem.

The hCard and hCal microformats used in the example page and in the specification examples have been updated as suggested by Tantek Çelik. If anyone is interested in the specific changes, let us know and we will list them.

The hCard and hCal helper scripts used in the example page preserve the original XHTML data when they are initialized from an existing instance of a microformat (as during a paste operation). This way, even properties that are not recognized by their parsing logic are retained if they are subsequently copied.

Special thanks to Danny Ayers, M. David Peterson, Tantek Çelik and the others on this mailing list who have contributed their insight to making Live Clipboard as good as possible.

Specification - http://spaces.msn.com/editorial/rayozzie/demo/liveclip/specification/v092.html
Example - http://spaces.msn.com/editorial/rayozzie/demo/liveclip/liveclipsample/clipboardexample.html
Technical overview - http://spaces.msn.com/editorial/rayozzie/demo/liveclip/liveclipsample/techPreview.html

Matt Augustine
Software Design Engineer
CTO Concept Development Team
Microsoft Corporation

It's amazing to me to have both watched and participated in the conversations/debates that led up to these changes. I don't think enough credit can be given to Danny for bringing this matter to the surface and engaging community members in the discussion/debate, to Matt Augustine, Jack Ozzie, Raman Narayanan, Paresh Suthar, and Ray Ozzie for listening to the arguments presented, filtering, incorporating, and presenting these changes back to the community for ratification, and to MS for allowing the doors into Redmond to be opened in the first place.

This is all REALLY important stuff! Thank you :)

NOTE: As mentioned in last weeks Saxon/ASP.NET code refresh, I am working on a demo that integrates LiveClipboard, S3, and Saxon via an ASP.NET interface. When this is ready to go I will create a new post with the code and a quick and simple overview of how it all works.

Until then, enjoy! :)


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